Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cohabitation | Overlap | Passion

The Schindler House designed by Rudolf Schindler in 1922 is known as one the first homes in the modern movement of design. The house layout was configured for two young couples, Rudolf & Pauline Schindler and Clyde & Marian Chace, who used the same kitchen and living room of the space. The combination of the main user spaces was to try and create a unity of the building and its occupants, allowing for freedom in the way people share the space. The house was also designed with nature in mind and having it enter into the structure through the means of sliding doors and openings. Varying levels of the house create a spatial levitated experience for the user. These varying levels help to give the occupants privacy when being together in the common space becomes too much. Being that the house is credited for its revolution in construction and material uses and the idea behind affordable living, I see the house as a look into the diplomatic ways that which it serviced the residents/couples living there together.


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