Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Exception, Above, Overpowering

Mukesh Ambani's Residence is a statement of a man's power over the city.  Interestingly,  the residence is designed by American architecture firm, Perkins + Will.  In many ways, people believe this symbolizes a blatant disregard both for society and for the city fabric.

This advertisement is for a wealthy residence built by Lodha, which Pei Cobb Freed & Partners collaborate with.  It invokes the ability of the wealthy to rise above the street life and into the "heavens," as now only clouds are visible and the sounds of the city disappear below.

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  1. This is especially interesting, because the advertisement is essentially putting a desireable spin on a project not unlike the "towers in the park" Corb-inspired public housing projects. It is imposing for sure, and literally looks down on its neighbors and surroundings. Here is a power differential if I ever saw one. At the same time, the project also mixes economic classes; bringing the rich downtown into the proximity of lower and middle income "households". Whether there is actual contact and opportunities arising between the varying parties interacting is another story.