Monday, October 31, 2011

Examples of formal categories

A few things that came to mind:
Fortress- Alhambra (A palace that separates commoner from royalty, sited specifically to be viewed from afar in the city of Granada, Spain. The plan moves from public entry points to more and more private spaces the further one travels into the interior, and then back to public space in the courtyard.)

Symbolic/Point?- Libeskind's democracy institute and conflict resolution center. (Giving democracy a voice as a human right- an iconic building that makes a statement just by its existence).

Transparency- Public restroom with one way mirror. "This public toilet was built in front of London’s Tate Britain Gallery as an art exhibit by an Italian born artist. What is special about this restroom is that it is made up of semi-transparent glass. The “visitors” of the public toilet (who need to defy their own fear and embarrassment) can see through the one-way mirrored glass but passers-by can’t see the person inside the restroom."
Read more: http://purpleslinky.com/offbeat/10-of-the-world%e2%80%99s-most-unique-restrooms-understanding-the-new-toilet-culture/#ixzz1cKuubFhF

Field: Smallest hotel rooms ever- capsule hotels- pod hotels. A field of stacked rooms, this typology "levels the field" of potential customers by means of its form and consequent economic value- less space=cheaper, more opportunities/diverse users. Read more: http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/236680/20111024/worlds-smallest-hotel-rooms-capsule.htm

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