Tuesday, October 18, 2011

jurisdiction, cosmic, non-territory

Universal forms of power and legitimacy are pushing against the traditional nation-state's authority and jurisdiction. Supranational regimes, like the European Union, and international covenants, like human rights codes, are suggested sovereignties that "constrain the autonomy of any state..." (Saskia Sassen, Losing Control). Space diplomacy might be another example of an international covenant - outer space being a territory that doesn't belong to a single nation-state. Is the territory of outer space the ideal site where one might begin to imagine a new model of citizenship based on non-territory?

The 'Space Norms Matrix' below tracks the kinds of diplomatic agreements, or norms, that are currently practiced. The Matrix is a product of the Stimson Center in Washington, D.C.

"Founded in 1989, the Henry L. Stimson Center is a nonprofit, nonpartisan institution devoted to enhancing international peace and security through a unique combination of rigorous analysis and outreach. The Centerʼs approach is pragmatic — geared toward providing policy alternatives, solving problems, and overcoming obstacles to a more peaceful and secure world."

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