Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Exclusion | Barrier | Difference

A swath of land 160 miles long by 2.5 miles wide cutting diagonally across the 38N parallel since 1953, clearly demarcating the border between communist North Korea and democratic South Korea. The most heavily militarized border in the world, this barrier divides the Korean peninsula along ideological lines. Not only is traditional diplomacy ignored between these two nations, but other states are required to monitor the area through the Neutral National Supervisory Committee, composed of members of the Swiss and Swedish Armed forces. Soldiers from both sides are allowed to patrol this "no man's land" but neither may cross the Military Demarcation Line.

North Korea increasingly seems dissatisfied with the diplomatic truce; they have attempted to build tunnels underneath of DMZ on four occasions and utilize surrounding buildings as propaganda tools to assert what they deem is a superior ideology.

This residual space that is unsafe for human occupations has resulted in an unintended nature preserve full of rare and exotic species who have been spared due to human political strife.

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