Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Exception, Circuit, Symbol

The CCTV Tower is a provocative example of how by denying the sign - the typical vertical skyscraper - the symbols, such as power, aggression, dominance, are to some degree repressed or simply obfuscated.  This becomes particularly interesting in the tower's role of housing the CCTV -  Chinese Central Television - which, through government mandate, sensors the media shown within the country.  This obfuscation of the symbol enables a different message to be read into the architectural object.  

This project attempts to create an "urban site rather than a point in the sky," which speaks to the conflict of creating a tower that serves both as  a global sign while also contributing to the urbanism of its actual physical location, the city in which it lies.

In other examples, such as Crystal Island in Moscow, the use of "sustainable" practices, is used to reinforce the project's merit, green-washing the project rather than discussing its architectural or cultural sensitivity.  These types of projects question an architect's ethics and urban sensibilities.

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